More news, more excitement! Wojciech Daniło will be our next guest on 11th SFI!

21 January 2015Uncategorized0 komentarzy

We are nor slowing down a bit, we present to you our next lecturer, who will be taking part in this edition of the festival. Who’s that person? You can try to guess, we will give you a hint “CEO  Flowbox”.  Do you know? … Yes! It’s him! Wojciech Daniło!

If you are interested in new programming paradigms, visual programming or computer graphics – this lecture is tailored perfectly for you! Come, listen and win! Win knowledge, which will profit in the future.


Wojciech Daniło is the CEO  of Flowbox,  where he is responsible for developing the compiler for LUNA and also designing architecture for Flowbox FC –  a perfect tool for creating sound effects in movies. He is a graduate one of our academies – AGH, where he had obtained a master’s degree in informatics. While he was studying he was already interested in image processing, so he became chief of science club MediaFrame AGH. When he was 22 he became a Senior Technical Director in Alvernia Studio movie studio, where he was managing a team of people responsible for preparing tools needed to create special effects in both Polish and American movies  and commercials. The results of his work can be seen in the polish comedy “Jak się pozbyć cellulitu” directed by Andrzej Saramonowicz, drama “Arbitrage” with Richard Gere and and also in the American movie “Vamps”  with Sigurney Weaver.

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