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Hubert Pomorski

WebApp with no Javascript? Isomorphic Apps in Scala!

Wykład w języku polskim / Lecture in Polish

Javascript full-stack developers offers are to be found more and more often. One language throughout whole project is strong asset as it is simpler to share skills. Even though, developers search for different languages. Microsoft's TypeScript or functional Elm are great examples of the need for different approach for frontend development. Such choice, however, leads to lose of trump card of isomorphic app. The choice can be different. We can choose Scala and ScalaJS as the single language solution for front- and back-end. The speech would focus on what is ScalaJS, how it could be integrated into everyday life and if it is worthy enough to go into this world.

Hubert Pomorski

Student. Developer. Enthusiast. I am studying Computer Science on AGH UST. My major scientific interests are machine-learning in Natural Language Processing field, functional programming and actor-based systems.
Currently I am professionally involved in Tripcase project in Sabre Corporation as Full-Stack Developer for a year. Mainly I am programming in Ruby on Rails. Previously, I was working with .NET stack.
Putting profesional expience aside, I have quite hot affair with functional stacks, especially Play! & Scala as well as some Erlang (for greater good) for side-project purpose as well as I am pushing for functional initiatives in closest vicinity.