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Andrzej Grzesik

Code, lies and microservices

Wykład w języku polskim / Lecture in Polish

Or could a million of developers be wrong? Software is eating the world, a thousand microservices at a time. Before we break all monoliths into pieces, it is fair we say "Check" and ask some questions. Microservices are a steaming buzzword, so we will start with facts: what are microservices and where (why) do they come from. Moving on to why (when) are they a great choice, when (why) not so much. This will equip the audience with critical insight, mention a number of papers definitely worth reading and (hopefully) raise some new questions.

Andrzej Grzesik

ags likes distributed systems in all shapes and form. Coding since the age of 8, loves simplicity and continuous delivery. While he has written in many languages, he favours the JVM. Since "most software problems are people problems”, he stirs communities, organizes and speaks at conferences (proud to be a JavaONE Rockstar!). He is passionate about all things data, because science! In his spare time… cycling, photography and books. And he is a Java Champion!